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New Normal, New Work Life

Updated: Mar 23

In the last decade, our lives have started to digitalise rapidly. Think about it! Ten years ago neither Instagram nor Facebook nor any other app existed on our phone. But right now these applications play a significant part in our daily lives. Digitalisation has made our lives easier in many ways. Whenever we want, we can find the restaurants around us and order food with a single app, we can book a hotel or an apartment at the location we want, and when the toilet paper is finished, or you are too lazy to go out and buy the second bottle of Prosecco you can just order it at home with a few touches on your phone. This digitalisation has profoundly affected many aspects of our social lives, changing our lifestyles and habits. But office life hasn’t been affected by this digitalisation in the same way our social lives have been…

Many application software has been created to use in our work life to make things easier, but how much have our lives at the office changed?

We prepare business plans, use project management tools, make video calls, talk to our colleagues using WhatsApp groups and send files, photos, links to plan the projects that we are working on. We do hundreds of other things using only our phones or tablets, while our routine of going to an actual office, our routine of gathering around a meeting table or traveling hundreds and thousands of km to meet with a client stays the same.

Our routine has not changed a bit for a decade. It has been conservatively argued by many people that offices are essential for productivity and corporate culture.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed all of that!

The lockdowns that started with Covid-19 overturned the traditional office working system in just a few weeks. We all hear from our surroundings that some companies have been making plans to continue the home office practice (started out of necessity) even after post-covid-19 times.

According to a survey, “Three out of five executives believe up to 25% of their workforce will continue to work remotely full-time.” (1)

It is crystal clear that the world is changing, the way we work will be much different than pre-covid-19. Brands and individuals must adapt themselves to the new way of working in the post-Covid-19 era. We should learn the advantages of flexibility, working from a distance, being able to work with people around the world digitally, and being mobile.

In light of this, as young entrepreneurs, we thought that it should be much easier to collaborate or work with creative people from different parts of the world and therefore founded FourArms. We believe that many tasks in the different branches of the creative sector could be carried out digitally without any problems due to distance.

What is FourArms?

FourArms is an international creative agency, works together with the most talented young creative professionals to deliver the best results for brands’ or individuals’ creative projects. FourArms is a creative agency without borders, our professionals can be from anywhere in the world in terms of physical location.

FourArms not only an old-school creative agency, time to time Fourarms takes on the role of an art producer as well. To give an example, when a brand reaches FourArms to create a brand or make a video clip for their product, FourArms assist by

a. Providing you with examples of the different talents showcased by the artists working with FourArms in order for you to make an informed decision as to which artist is more suitable to work on your project.. In this case, FourArms briefs the talent accordingly and works together with the talent to finalize and deliver the project to the brand smoothly.

b. In the unlikely event where there are no professionals available to assist in your project we at FourArms can help in recruiting professional artists suitable to your specific needs, ensuring that the project is completed to the highest standard and on time.

In any of the scenarios the brand has to communicate with only one person, the art producer from FourArms and that's all.

All in all, having a network of various production companies and talents from different parts of the world has not only provided FourArms with the ability to offer a rich and wide-ranged creative production team but also a high-quality work output with more flexible budgets.

If you would like to check out our website and previous work completed by FourArms talents here’s the link;

You can contact us at for collaborations and/or just to have a coffee and informal chat.

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